Introducing Radiant Heating

Due to increasing cost of energy taking advantage of alternate energy sources is more important than ever.

What is Radiant Heating?

Unlike other methods of space heating, which use convection heating, radiant heating transmits radiant energy.

How does it work?

Pex (plastic) tubing is installed underneath or within the floor.

Underfloor Heating

Radiant heating, also known as, underfloor heating, claims its name from the place where the heating system is installed.

Manufacturer of Radiant Heating Panels and Reflectors

  • As compared to other heating systems, radiant heating system reduces operating costs from 30% to 70%.

  • Increase the value of your real estate property.

  • Radiant heating does not stir up allergens or dust.

  • Zone control allows users to adjust temperature to their specific needs.

  • It gives off heat equally warming up all objects in the room to even temperature.

  • Eliminates cold floors underfoot.

  • Unlike the forced air system, radiant heating is a quiet system.

  • The radiant heat system is not visible. All PEX tubing runs underneath the floor.

  • It gives homeowners and business owners more flexibility in arranging their furniture. Issues with blocking vents or radiators are totally eliminated.

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The best wood choices for radiant heat flooring are oak, cherry, ash, walnut and hickory. Boards that are up to 3” wide produce best results.


Heated driveways and walkways were considered luxuries that only wealthy could afford.



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